Lower Susquehanna River Carp Fishing Days April 14, 28; May 12 Port Deposit

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    What: Lower Susquehanna River Carp Fishing Days

    Place: Marina Park, Historic Town of Port Deposit in Cecil County, Maryland

    Dates: April 14, 28; May 12...some additional days may be thrown in the mix

    Time: pre-dawn to dusk...

    Marina Park is located on the north bank of the Susquehanna River, a short distance upstream from the mouth of the River where it dumps into the Chesapeake Bay at the famous Susquehanna Flats. The river is freshwater and slightly tidal at best, the tidal boundary line being at the other end of the town at Rock Run. River flow depends on tides, weather and output from the Conowingo Hydroelectric Dam upstream. Port Deposit is located within 5-10 max. minutes off Rt 95; you can see the Park from the rt. 95 bridge.

    I'm just calling this another casual fish-together if anyone wants to swing by. I'll be spending a number of days at Marina Park this spring so I decided to pick a couple of those days where I'll commit to prebaiting extra heavy for anyone that would like to come by and wet a line. Its not uncommon for me to have a couple extra 5-gallon buckets of soaked chum or extra sacks in my truck on these trips so the extra is to share with y'all once its in the river. Parking is available in the small parking lot and on the street. Signs for "permit needed" refer to boat trailers only. Town Hall informed me that they usually get the portable restrooms delivered around April 1.

    The Park is part bulkheaded, part new rip-rap with a small bankside pavillion. North end of the park consists of an old wing-dam/jetty (being renovated, concret surfaced and hand railed) that forms a large tidal eddy and backwater at the Park. River bottom at the Park is soft with heavy weed developing later in the spring/e. summer. Beyond the jetty in the main flow the bottom is more solid.

    Bank is packed dirt, concrete or gravel so tripods or pod is required...or just prop your rod up on your bucket or chair. All-tackle is great...large rods to trebles...keep the fish or release, this isn't a Club event or anything like that so anything goes (except bowfishing) meaning if a 40 pounder pulls you into the River don't blame me :) :)