Lower Santee River today

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    Just couldn't sit around the house any longer; decided I had to go try and catch a fish. The lakes are rising, and that usually means tough fishing for me, so I elected to do a little scouting and fishing on the lower end of the Santee River. Water is being discharged there, too, but it isn't affected as much as a lot of other places. Launched at the ramp on North Santee where I spent some time checking out a sunken vehicle with the side imaging. A lot of duck hunters kept coming and going, causing a lot of turbulence in the water, but I did finally get a good enough shot to convince me there is a vehicle just off the end of the ramp in about 17-19' of water.
    I didn't bother looking for bait, just used some frozen gizzard shad, and did a lot of scouting around with the sonar. I found lots of fish, and finally set up on some in a pretty deep bend with lots of timber on the bottom. The wind and tide were bucking one another, and that made it hard to keep the boat where I wanted it. I didn't bother putting out another anchor, though, because I was just checking out the place. Ended up with two Blues about 8-10 lbs. Nice, but not what I was looking for. Some gars were messing with the bait, too, and it was getting a little late by this time, so I headed on in, but I have a few spots marked and will try them again asap...

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    pee dee has gone wild!:confused2:

    Nice pic of the car, i wonder if anyone is in it?:embarassed:

    Glad you caught something, I'm close to dragging my boat back to Charleston.


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    Wow. I am still amazed everytime I see the imaging from one of those units. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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    GREAT images, Tommy. Your prowess never ceases to amaze me!!

    Bill in SC