Lower Potomac 11/21/09

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    Hit the lower Potomac for what turned out to be a beautiful fall day. Shad was tough to get, but did manage to round up about 15 to 20 shad. Planned on taking a friend and his family out and was hoping to see some of that fall bite I always talk about. The mission was go get their son on a fish that would be bigger then him. Well, I think we came close.

    First spot turned out to be a pretty good indicator of how this day would play out. Constant bites, some slams and some big fish. Was fishing for bubba and set things up that way. The little ones had the feedbags on but was trying to take on more then they could get in their mouths. Was using some pretty good size chunks, figuring I could keep the smaller ones from getting hooked up. this seemed to work, they could nibble at the bait, but couldn't get the job done. Caught a couple small ones in the teens while waiting for the tide to get right for the next hole.

    Once the tide got right we switched holes and this worked out good. Not long after anchoring the rod went down hard with the drag getting worked. Dallas the young one was up and he did his best to work the fish. Using both hands to do the reeling on the handle, while his dad worked the rod. Roughly 15 minutes later and Dallas was looking face to face with a nice 45#er. Maybe 6" shorter then dallas was tall.

    Got baited up again and about 25 minutes later another rod went down hard, The fight started out a little slow then came to a sudden stop. He must have gotted tangled up with something. Decided to use the baitfeeder on the reel and 3 or 4 minutes the fish worked his way out of it. Then the fight was on. Dallas's mom was up and she and her husband did a good team effort on getting this one to the boat. 52#er after a 15 minute fight. Bubba and his family was out to play today.

    Caught several more ranging from the 20's up in the 40's for the day at different places. Was just a good day to be out on the water. Probably was one of my highlights of the year for me seeing the little one hook up several times in the 40's. Think he had a blast, because he was sleeping most of the afternoon. Think the blues wore him out this day. Mission accomplished!!
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    Excellent report...thanks for sharing. I'm sure those folks won't be forgetting that day for quite a while! Now it's time to invest in a camera so we can see those smiling faces (and those hogs you're catching) a little clearer. Congrats on the day!

  3. Your a good man Pip, you are really making a lot of people happy, REPS.
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    Reps coming at you Pip! Your ability to put fellow anglers on big fish is amazing.