Lower Osage Report

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    Hey everyone, made a short trip on the Lower Osage around Wardsville today, water level has been steady for a couple of months now. Water temp 48.6. Was out running the 40 horses and didn't have time to fish, but the boat ran great and it was nice to be out on the water. Sorry for the lack of info but just wanted to pass along what I could. I did sonar some nice fish in a few deeper holes but I have a feeling they were carp. Hope to get out in this area in the near future and actually wet a line, I will use this thread when I do as not to muck up the board. Haven't been on here too much, so wanted to say happy new year to everyone, may 2008 be a year of good health and prosperity for all.
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    Independence, M
    Thanks for the report, with hunting season winding down it is time for me to get the rods out and start hitting it hard.