Lower Neuse River Mercury Advisory

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    im normally a catch and release guy, but i did catch a couple kittens the other day i was going to make gumbo for Pams party with them.... bad idea??? its only 4 fillets and eaten between 15 or twenty people in a stew, i think it would be ok.... any advice?

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    root, we eat fish from the upper neuse about 3 times a year. cant give you advice for lower, but if there is a warning, i wouldnt eat it. do a search on mercury and it's effects on people.....no thanks. i think i may stop any fish eatin' up here too. my health is too important. farm raised fish arent as tasty to me, but its better than being poisoned. its a shame aint it?:angry:
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    article fails to mention that mercury also occurs naturally.....blackwater streams sometimes have higher than normal amounts just because its there not because someone put it there........you are ok if you are not pregnat or nursing a baby which takes care of 90 percent of this board......article mentions unsafe levels but if ther is actually an advisory it has to be posted at all public access points.........fish with high levels of mercury can still be eaten once a week (though i wouldnt want to) as long as you are an adult man,........see...http://www.epi.state.nc.us/epi/fish/safefish.html
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    most states in the country have posted an advisory on eating fish becuse of the mercury. most fish don't have mercury in them but it is an advisory that encompasses all fish so the states don't get sued... there are warnings for fresh and saltwater fish. when i knew a couple of the game wardens and state bioloigists in new jersey, i asked them about the mercury warnings and that is what they told me...