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  1. karloskws

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    North Carolina
    Hello everyone.
    Has anyone ever fished the LOWER LITTLE RIVER in the area around Ft Bragg? I have been on it a few times on my kayak , but not fishing. There are a few dams, and nice deep pools on the bends of the river, spillways ,etc. along the routes. I have been on the river from the bridge on Vass Rd/Morrison Bridge rd , all the way up to NC 87 in Spring lake.

    I saw alot of potential sites to put in for fishing and camping. There were also alot of old limblines hanging on the civilian side of the river . I just don't know if there are any cats in there. I do know that the river level is very rain dependent. If any of y'all have had any luck I would like to hear about it.


  2. 01 Mudslinger

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    Gretna, Va
    im curious on this as well, ive only seen the river a couple a times from hunting out in the training areas

  3. Fishing Fred

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    Lillington, N.C
    Never had much luck in The Lower Little River. Did catch some robin and other sunfish. Have fished much more in Upper Little River. The water in the upper is deeper and colder. Lots of small cats of all kinds and lots of good sized robin and all other perch, bream and sunfish. Also have some nice spotted bass that are getting good size. Usually wade fish when the water level is right. Hard to use any kind of boat because of lots of log jams in the very many crooks and curves. I know a lot of places to get in and some camping places that are good. Our small rivers and streams are often overlooked and have some very good fishing opertunities for the bank fisherman if you walk in. As I understand it no one can own the river and as long as you stay on the bank its legal to fish. At least here in North Carolina. I've only been stopped by a landowner one time and I was wading. Told him to call the game warden and continued on my way with no problem. Not much pollution problem in the upper that I know of. Good luck and if I can help any let me know. Hunter would like some of the deep muddy trails in some of the places we fish !
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    Erwin, NC
    Fred, you are right about the Upper Little River being cold, clear, and full of fish. Never fished the Little River. We own 15 acres on the Cape Fear in Erwin, directly across from the mouth of the Upper Little River. My buddy and I fished it last night. About 2 weeks ago when the river was up from all of the rain, we went up the Upper Little River and caught 62 bass, bream, robin, and perch in 2 hours, all on artificial.
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    Pope Air Force Base, NC
    I've only fished it once with no luck. I only know of one place to get to it. I think it's the same bridge your talking about. I don't know the name of the road but it connects Vass Rd to Manchester Rd before Sicily DZ. I would like to know if there are any good cats in Holland Lake. I'm gonna take the boat out there tomorrow or saturday, and I 'm debating on taking my cat rigs or not.
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    I've fished lower little river quit a bit. There is a old dam I used to go to about half mile up stream from the bridge that connects Vass and Manchester. Its off of Vass road. I've caught lots of 2-3lb bass even a few in the 5-6 lb range. I've also caught some giant eels there. The only kind of catfish I've ever caught there is bullheads. But further down stream past the second spillway the gamewarden told me he catches channels up to about 24". I haven't been fishing there in a few years because I have a boat know and it was starting to get alot of fishing pressure.