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    Hey Guys ! Does anyone know of a good place to damn or bank fish near Panapolus..... or any other good bank spots on lake marion or moultrie. We fish the canals around Russeville and the damn at Harry's. Also what are the best times of year to fish.... we usually make trips in late April and in Mid Oct. Thanks for any ideas!!:big_smile:
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    Andrews, SC
    April and October are both good times of the year, but right now with the drought situation here, there isn't too much 'bank'; more like gently sloping cow pastures. LOL Until we get some rain, things might be a little tough from the bank. One option is the Santee River just below the dam at Harry's (Wilson Landing). There is generally current flowing there, and the fishing can sometimes be pretty good, especially at night. I don't do much bank fishing, but maybe someone else can jump in and offer some other sites.
    BTW, welcome to the BOC, Preston.

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    If I hit one more stump Im gonna take up bank fishing.

    The diversion canal offers some bank opportunities especially with the water down, although the fishing will be slow until we get some rain upstream. It's not great access, but it's an option. Another area is the West Dike....it offers about 3 miles of bank, some is cover with big rocks and the west end of the dike is sloping concrete, but like Tommy said, with the water down it may be challenging....water is probably pretty shallow over there for bank fishing right now, but it's pretty good when the water is up