Lower lake dam fishing

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    Hey Guys ! Does anyone know of a good place to dam or bank fish near Pinopolis..... or any other good bank spots on lake marion or moultrie. We fish the canals around Russeville and the dam at Harry's. Also what are the best times of year to fish.... we usually make trips in late April and in Mid Oct. Thanks for any ideas!!
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    Preston,right where you are fishing in your Avatar is one of the best spots.:big_smile::smile2:I do know that lots of big fish are caught at the Navy Short Stay rec area on Moultrie.I'm not sure if it is open to the general public just for fishing but they have a website or you can call at 1-843-761-8353.Probably the best time to fish the dam area on the lower lake would be Nov-Dec.Thats when the menhaden come back into the lake and massive schools of them congregate around the dam.Lots of fish caught then but of course it can be a little chilly :big_smile::crazy::eek:oooh::smile2: