Lower Colorado River

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    second try. (stuped fingers :embarassed:)
    went out last thursday evening for a few evenings. been having such a time fighting the stuped lockjaw the cats seem to have had, got suprised. tied up across entrance to back water lake that current was running into. got two and actually left while fish still biting. (had all i wanted that night)
    took a friend out sunday night and went to same spot. again rigged up with gills. (he'd never targeted flatheads before) about 8:30, my pole went off. ten minutes later, first one in boat. a 20lb'er. tied it off and threw out again. i had him put his bait in what had been the hot spot hoping he'd get hit. i threw mine out into main river, and BANG. mine went off again. i set the hook, then felt sorry for him and handed him the pole. it felt like it was bigger than one already in boat. got it close to surface and got first glimpse of the white shadow under surface. andrenaline really started running. i'm reaching for the gaff now. finally get it to surface and i started laughing. he's cussing and laughing same time. a log about 2 1/2" by 2 ft was snagged in sinker.
    didn't get a picture of his fish on my camera, but he did.

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    south carolina
    nice to see someone out here is actually catching something gary. i went dove hunting the last couple of weeks so i havent really done to much fishing. i think i might go out for flatties this weekend though. congrats on the catch and keep us posted.

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    Thanks for the report and photos Gary. nice flatties.

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    haha, great report! i hope to get my post count up soon so i can view the pics!