Low water lakes and channel catfish

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    Springdale, Pennsylvania
    The lake that I have been fishing at for channels has been pretty low lately and for the frst time I am having trouble hooking up. I have been doing well all summer on chicken livers and crayfish but the last 2 times out Ive been skunked. It is still pretty easy to throw a worm on and catch some bullhead so I am guessing its not the water temp but the level. I fish from the bank and in true catfisherman form I have never seen the lake in the light. It is a pretty large lake and im wondering if they arent bitting beacause of the water level being so low or if perhaps they have just moved out to the middle and I can't reach them? You all have been a great help so far.
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    I had a simmilar problem a couple years ago and I changed my approach.I starting using minnows,and stink baits with much success.Give them a shot.:0a26::0a22: