Low water can be a gold mine!

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    Metal detecting and drought.The time is getting right with the dry weather and low water levels.Swimming areas for jewelry.Don;t forget downstream as many spots have been used for centuries.Exposed and washed in banks.Caved in banks.History may be waiting. New logs,current and channel changes.At and down stream of old fords,bridges and crossings.Heavily fished spots for SINKERS.Landings and boat ramps.peewee-williams
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    I really like low water in the rivers for fishing. It concentrates all the fish in the bigger holes and i seem to catch more. Here in Ohio tho everytime the rivers get down in decent shape to fish it rains. Both rivers i fish are 2 to 3 ft above normal flow. But what you are talking about is artifacts. If the fish aren't biting i'm always checking the banks and sand bars for indian artifacts. And a friend of mine found a mammoth tooth in the Hocking 4 years ago. Here's one of my best river bed finds.

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    Yuma, Arizona
    I have not found anything of real material value around here at low water. I have however, been able to find good spots and structures that would hold fish when the water levels come back up.
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    Pee wee you nailed it. whem Jordan was down I filled up my tackle box with lead and even found some nice stuff like watches and rings ear rings and the like, nothing worth a lot of money but free is free. I am sure by now after 5 years my metal detector has paid for itself 10 fold and I enjoy using it when I find a likely spot.
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    On our great TVA-owned lakes here, it's not allowed to use metal detectors except at some swimming areas. Kind of a bummer. I know of several old towns that were relocated prior to flooding that would make good treasure hunting areas.
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    There is no better time to find arrowheads than when the water is down. Its a great time to find all sorts of stuff. When we go the Eufaula dam and the water is down I come out of there with enough tackle to fill a minnow bucket every time. This last time I debated on buying a lighted float that cost around 9 dollars...I opted not to and after a trip to the dam I now have THREE of them!!!!!!!!