Louisville Ohio river area help plz

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    I live Lafayette and my brother in Louisville. He wants me to bring my boat a Sea Arc MV1652 with a 30 hp jet down. Is this enough boat for the Ohio?? If so where and how do we get in and go fishing?? I know this is asking a bunch but I have no idea about where and what to do on such a big river. I run the Wabash up here and do fine but the Ohio is a whole diffrent animal. If anyone knows a good guide I would really like to contact him or her and hire them for a day or two to show me the ropes. Any info at all would be great.
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    Georgetown IN
    I would think you wouldnt have a problem seen alot of people put in at the falls just useing a trolling motor.As for launching spots in the Louisville area theres 3 above the dam and 3 bellow the dam.
    Upper you have Charlestown State Park Charlestown IN
    Duffys in Jeffersonville IN
    Coxs Park in Louisville
    Lower are all in Indiana
    Falls Boat Ramp In Clarksville
    New Albany Ramp
    Middle Creek Boat Ramp outside of New Albany

    The New Albany Ramp has a nice drop off on the left side of the ramp so check it out before putting in.
    Fall Boat Ramp depending if they have the Hydro wide open can be tricky.
    Middle Creek is okay just in the middle of BFE.
    Duffys haven't put in there but seems to be a busy ramp seemed to me more of the yuppie boaters use it.
    Charlestown was just built this year haven't put in there yet drove down and checked it out.Nice clean ramp looking forward to fishing up that way.Downside is when you get in the park its 4 miles to the river.
    Coxs Park know where it is thats about it.
    Anyone have anymore input about the ramps.

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    LaGrange, Ky.
    Your brother is right! Now is the time, the Ohio river is really producing some quality fishing! Not just catfish, yesterday Ruger 454, and I had a banner day! We put over 100lbs. of fish in the boat!
    We caught Sauger, Flattys, Blues, Channels, Drum and even a 2 1/2 lb. Moon eye! We saw bass smashing Shad on the surface. I think that the fish have put on their fall feedbags. I grew up in Louisville. Send me a p.m. Dave