Louisiana paddlefish

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    The paddlefish have been running for a couple of weeks now. We are allowed to keep 2 per day now. But they have to be 30 inches or less, measured from the tip of their lower lip to the fork of their tail. I've only caught one that small, in my last three times out. Yesterday I caught 5, but no keepers. The largest was 42 pounds. The largest this year has been 65 pounds. We don't have a season here in Louisiana, just a length limit and 2 per day. This is the first time since the early 90's that we have been allowed to harvest any. I've been using 30 lb. Power Pro braided line and a 30 lb. mono leader with a 2/0 treble hook and a 3 ounce bank sinker. I keep my drag set as light as possible.
    You really don't have to rip that line so hard that you wear yourself out, a nice smooth tug will catch just as many fish. And one way to regulate that, is to adjust your drag to the point that your hear just a slight few click as you tug. I'm almost 50 years old and I can stand there snag fishing for hours at a time without resting.
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    Snagging season opens up March 15 for us here in MO. I'm ready to get out and start ripping. The water levels are a bit high and the cold weather has the water temps pretty low also so it won't be nearly as good as last year I doubt but I'm still pumped for it to start.:smile2: