Louisiana grass carp

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by Shreveport Mike, May 12, 2008.

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    I bank fish just below a large dam, and the river that I normally fish is real high right now. So this time of the year, I usually snag for catfish. Which is legal here in Louisiana. Anyway I walked a few hundred yards downstream from the dam, where the water has flooded a large area that is usually the bank. I hooked a 42 pound fish that I thought was a carp, but I wasn't positive, It didn't have any barbels around it's mouth. After going home and looking on the internet, I quickly found that it was a grass carp. So I went again last week, and right away caught a 20 pounder. Then re-rigged my line and Immediately snagged up no a rock. I jerked my rod hard a few times, then put it over my shoulder and started walking up the hill to break off my line. That's when I noticed my line was heading up stream... fast! I grabbed my rod and started reeling. The fish turned out toward deep water and started stripping line. I reached up and tightened my drag, which was already pretty tight, but it didn't do any good! That fish never slowed down. He stripped off every bit of my line. I'm talking about a 250 yard run, non stop. When he reached the end of my line, he almost jerked the rod out of my hands before my line broke off near my leader. I was using 65 lb. test braided line. I'm not sure, but I think it was a big grass carp. What ever it was, I'm going back out today :wink:
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    man that must have been an amazing sight.lol you will get em.and good luck.
    250 yard run man that's crazy.

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    we have caught grass carp to 35 pounds. they put up a hell of a fight, and make awesome cutbait!
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    Waco, Texas, Un
    Thanks for the info.... now I know what to use as a warm up to catfishin'.... CARPFISHIN'!!! LOL!!!:smile2:
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    Man sounds like you're having a lot of fun I know that was very exciting thanks for sharing