Lost my boat...

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    ...in this long dream I just woke from. It's a long one, but stick with it and we'll be just fine.
    Geez-Louise, what a nightmare! I just got off a 12 hour nightshift, got home at 7:30, straight to bed so I can get up at noon when the wifey gets home, yet here I am at 9 am wide awake. Why, you may ask yourself, are you avoiding the beautiful bliss of sleep? Well, let me tell you…It started out as a nice Friday evening, just me and the wife going out to fish for a couple hours before I had to be at some stage performance for something or other. So we put on this little lake that flows out o the river that’s between in the median of the highway. (It’s a big median!) So, we launch, but there’s already a whole bunch of boats anchored and people on the bank right where I was gonna go. So we anchor about 15 feet from bank just downstream of everyone else and I start riggin up with this special rib-eye steak bait. As I’m doing that, one boat sidles over to bank and asks a guy fishing there to take his picture of him and this really nice 40+ blue. So he does that, and I notice he’s wearing a BOC hat and I think, Crap, he’s in the fish frenzy an he’s here catching my fish! Now I’m really trying to hurry cause everyone’s catching fish and I only got about an hour and a half left. I get one rod out with all the bait I have and tell my wife I’ll be right back, I gotta run home and get more bait made up. I hop out of the boat and wade to shore and take off running to the house, which somehow was much closer to the lake than it was before. I’m making my steak-bait when she walks into the kitchen, and I’m like, “where’s the boat?”, and she says, “it’s still at the lake”, so I take off running with my roll of bait, noticing that my cell phone is still on the table but thinking I’m only gonna be gone a bit and it’s right down the road so I won’t need it. I’m joggin down the road past the lake now cause I gotta go all the way around it to get to a bridge that gets me to the other side, and as I pass I can see even more boats out there, along with my empty boat, and that one rod is just being slammed down bent over double while everyone else is wondering what the heck is going on, why ain’t there anybody in that boat. So I really start running now, only got an hour left to fish and got a whole lake of people thinkin I’m some crazy dude leaving his boat out there with the rods in the water. I finally get the to bridge and my son is there talking on the phone to one of his friends yelling at me about how he can now see two people holding up the biggest catfish he’s ever seen and he wants to know if he can go with me. I holler back to hurry up cause I can’t stop, I gotta get to the boat before someone steals my fish, like the guy in the Chinese straw hat that was fishing from bank there by the boat. I’m running and huffing and puffing and the road goes through some trees and I can’t see the lake at all now but I know that the road curves back in and the boat will be right there but for some reason, the lake never does appear. And now I’m in my car, but behind this group of homeless guys that are looking for the fish also, and they are blocking the road walking soooo slowly that I leave the car, my son catches up with me, and we are back to running again so we can cut through the group, which is still on the road but the road is now a rocky trail going up a very steep hill. All the way up the hill, over the top, and still no lake! “Where’s the lake!” I’m yelling now, running faster and faster through the grassy field towards a park building. It’s beginning to get dark now as I’m running through the building because I know it overlooks the lake; up and down flights of stairs trying to find the way through to the other side, finally rush into a formal dinner ball and ask the gowned ladies how to get out to the lake, they say down the stairs you just passes. So, down the stairs again and outside only to find myself in the middle of a shopping complex of Best Buy’s and JC Penney’s and chain restaurants. 45 minutes left to go and I’m really panicking now, can’t be late, what was my wife thinkin leaving the boat, what was I think even trying to go in the first place, and running through a neighborhood, still trying to find the water. I come across my aunt in her driveway complaining that she has to drive her kids all the way to Shoal Creek to drop them off at the sitter, so I stop and exclaim that I will gladly take them and bring them back if I can just take her Jeep cause I really gotta go and I’ve been running around tryng find my boat and can’t find the lake even though I drive past it everyday and live right here by it yet I can’t seem to get there and my boat has a fish on and people are stealing my stuff and now I’ve lost the steak-bait I had been carrying around for so long and I’m gonna miss my appearance at the stage performance and everyone is catching fish thinkin I’m crazy and I ran all around the park building and still couldn’t find the place and now I’m having some kind of mental breakdown…..and then I woke up.
    So tell me, after this long saga, if you made it this far along, what does it all mean?
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    South Caro
    Man, I have weird dreams from time to time, but only remember bits and pieces of them. That was a WILD one! :smile2:

    Bill in SC

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    I think it means you need to spend more time on your boat.
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    I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holliday Inn. My prognosis is you need to quit eating paint chips.
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    This means two things

    1. Drugs are bad man stay away from them:smile2::tounge_out:
    2. Im bored:smile2:
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    Brian we gotta talk.
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    i think you've hit the nail on the head.:wink:
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    I don't know what it means, but I have had some strange ones lately.
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    Been eatin icecream to fast again? Those brain freezes really hurt...LOL. At least it wasn't a boring dream:eek:oooh:
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    I really need to start reading the first sentence in these posts, I was reading this thinking what the h*ll. Then figured it out.

    Wheew, Brian the alchohol is for the hot rods. :wink:
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    LOL what a great recall ability you have that was awesome. I haven't had one of those crazy string of weird event dreams in a long time I'm almost jealous:roll_eyes::smile2: I think your dream means "too many big fish to catch, not enough time"! I think we can all take from it a lesson like: be prepared and enjoy the time we have. Do you also keep a pen&pad close to your bed so you can write down your dreams after waking up while they're still fresh? Thanks for sharing!
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    A dream that vivid and no swimsuit models:confused2:..Dude no hot poppers after 9pm.:wink:
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    Did you get stoned on your lunch break?:eek:oooh:
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    Next dream..... Handcuff the wife to the boat before you make a bait run. :smile2:
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    you aint on chantix are you that stuff makes you have wierd dreams
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    You sir; are NUTS!

    But what can you say about those of us who spent all that time reading your ranting? Double Nuts? :beat_brick:
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    I have dreams like that after eating a bunch right before bed...not worth it..:wink:
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    I ain't sure what it means but I think if that was just in one night you sleep to much that one would have took me three nights to get to the end LOL
    May that dream never come true