Lost front wheel while driving

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by odtimr, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Well this sure doesn't probably belong with a fishing forum, but sure could use some help. Yesterday my wife called and said a front wheel came off and ruined my Buick. She was right, had just came into town off the hi-way and the right front wheel came off and totaled the fender. She had three of the grand children with her. She said the car was just starting to shake and was getting ready to stop to check it, probably going 30mph or so, thank heavens. She picked up the pieces, found 4 of the lug bolts, all five had been sheared off inside the rotor. None of the threads were worn smooth, like the wheel had been loose. The nuts were still threaded tight on the studs, but not frozen. The holes in the wheel seem to not be enlarged. We had noticed a little vibration last time driving the car, felt like a tire belt was starting to come loose. The car had a dragging and partly locked up rotor on this wheel about a month ago and the caliber and flex brake hose was changed. When loading to tow the car the rotor missing the tire was loose and not locked up. I am so afraid of what could happen if this happened again on the hi-way, will probably sell the car telling the next owner what happened. I will sure appreciate any feed back on what could have caused this problem. Luck
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    Sounds like someone over tightened the lugs to me.

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    It was either the wheel bearings went and the whoile hub fell off or it was overtightened lugs like fish said. Overtightened lugs can lead bearing failure or just the lugs themselves being sheared off. I have a video of that happening to my jeep on a obstacle. The whole driver rear tire fell off because of over tightened lugs and sheared the lugs right off.
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    Sounds like the lug nuts were to tight. Strange for them to all break at the same time though. I've seen them break off one or two at a time but never all at once.
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    had a car come in the other day with this. it is the wheel bearing went out. this is all one assembly and connected to the rotor cuasing the shearing when it broke. u will be fine after replacing the wheel bearing assembly on both sides as well as a new rotor and whatever other damage has been done. usually the wheel bearing will let u know ahead of time by a shake at higher speeds like arounf 55 or 60 sometimes only noticable on the highway.