Lost art of creek fishing

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    Holy cow. Stumbled across this obscure hidden corner of the site and just had to chime in. As a young kid, I didn't fit in with the jocks. I was raised in a fishing household. Dad and uncles and cousins ran bank poles and trot lines for cats. We got our minnows seining the local creeks. IN TOWN. I fished those creeks on a regular basis and knew all the holes. Creek chubs, stone rollers, greenies and suckers, bullheads, shiners with the occasional smallie and even northern pike. Picked crabs in a local small stream and when I had enough, mom would boil them up in salty dill water for dinner with fried catfish. Caught some creek chubs that most reading this wouldn't believe me if I told you how big. Also learned that creek chubs, no matter how big, taste like ass. Big fun and it kept me from hanging with the wrong crowd. This was back when fishing was not as popular as it is today. Back in the 60s, I watched Virgil Ward and Gadabout Gaddis. The only fishing shows on at that time. In my opinion, televised fishing shows ruined what was once a great fishery in this country. Times change for certain but, I will never forget those memories of my youth, creek fishing for those elusive small water monsters.
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    What a fun topic.

    Just yesterday, as a matter of fact, I was on my way home and as I was driving along a nearby creek, I look over and there was a young fellow wading and fishing.

    The sky was getting dark and thunder was rolling and I thought to myself "I remember doing stuff like that".

    It made me want to do it again.

    I have no idea what is in the creek if anything. I would guess suckers and chubs and maybe some little bluegill or such. It's a warmwater creek so there wouldn't be any trout or anything.

    I might have to get motivated one day and give it a try myself.

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    An ultralight with some simple white curly tails or a crickhopper from Rebel will show you if there are fish in there in a hurry.