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    in need of a good anchor for beginners......lol:embarassed:
    went to bass pro. they had so many to choose from.
    A buddy of mind said he didnt like the mushroom anchor,because
    they dont hold as well. So i thought i'd ask my brothers. heck the more I think about it he dont even have a boat
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    Check out the library, lots of good info there.

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    The anchor used I have come to learn, depends upon the type water you are boating in, and the type bottom you will be anchoring in. Some anchors work well with rocks, some don't, some work with sand, some dont. Some hold in current, some not so much.

    What situations do you forsee being in?
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    In this case, you gotta listen to Tony. Anchors are designed to hold in different conditions. It may be that you will need two, possibly three anchors if you want to do it right. LOL. The mushroom anchor is for a soft bottom.... will just slide on top of gravel. A fluke style anchor will dig into a soft bottom, sand, or clay. Needs a length of chain to keep it down and digging. A claw type anchor works in rocks, and if you make a home made one, you can make the claws long enough they will straighten out if hung up. A concrete block works for about everything, although you may not get it back. LOL
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    If you are going to pull into the toulies try to find some lengths of soft lead. BVend them into an overlapping circle and toss em in..they usually hold real well.
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    Also the longer the anchor rope the better any anchor holds.Sometimes anchors will not work.I used to fish for Black Sea Bass by holding my position with a 8 hp.motor in very rough winter conditions on the Ga. & SC.coastal artificial reefs and wrecks.A "kicker" can improve your fishing in many ways.Look up "anchor types" on line.I have found that a Fluke Type with a sliding ring is a good universal anchor for most bottoms.The sliding ring helps you free it if it hangs.I like a heavy mushroom anchor along with it for a mud bottom or a stern anchor.You can use the mushroom 3-12 feet ahead of your other anchor and it will hold way more as it keeps it digging in.There is much info.on line.Remember that the heavier the anchor that you can handle and afford the better the hold with the least amount of rope out.Many people die because their anchor is not heavy enough and their rope is too short.You never know when your life may depend on a anchor.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee