Lost a truck door launching my boat..

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    A couple of years ago I was launching my boat..by myself..i backed the boat into the water, set the hand brake and got out and walked onto the dock..about the time I got one foot on the boat my break gave way and my truck took off into the water, the drivers door was open and hung the floating dock, bent the door all the way to the front fender..which luckly allowed me to run and dive into the drivers seat before it went underwater..if the door was shut and hadnt hung the dock i'm sure my truck would have disappeared..when I got it stopped the water had filled the bed and was all the was to the back of the cab.. :smile2:
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    Now, *that's* an optimistic outlook :smile2:. I've had mine to start to roll when the brake was holding real good, but I was still in the cab. Now, the truck stays in gear and I just crank it up again when I'm ready to pull up.


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    I use to have that Problem,But now I have a trailer with Roller bunks ,so when I back the boat down the ramp the boat just rolls off the trailer and lands on the ramp and all I have to do is get 2/3 guys and drag the boat in the water.Sure saves on them doors(IOWA=Idiots Out wandering Around) J.D.
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    I once lived on a small barrier island in Alabama, with not too much goin' on except fishing and drinking...we had to make our own fun, and one of the funnest things was to get a six pack, and go sit by the boat ramp.:smile2:

    One of the most memorable stunts was when a couple of hippie lookin' dudes in a VW bus tried to launch their boat by using the old 'back down the ramp real fast and hit the brakes' technique. This usually works, but only if you remove the tie-downs first.

    Boat, trailer, and bumper kept on goin'.:smile2:

    Another time, a yuppie in a brand new offshore boat was making what I suppose was his first, ever, approach to a dock...got Momma with big hair up on the foredeck, crouching, bow line in hand, and here they come, waaaaaay too fast. 'Bout ten feet out, he grabs him a big ol' double handfull of reverse, the outdrives perform as advertised, the boat stops on a dime....and Momma? No more big hair.:smile2: I think she was madder at us, than she was at him, but I'm sure the ride home was a significant emotional event.
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    If you MUST let your truck go down the ramp and into the water ,leave both doors open.:crazy:That way the water will run in one door and out the other causing absolutely no problem at all.:big_smile::smile2::roll_eyes:
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    God love ya boys!

    This is one of the mopst fun threads I've seen in a while!

    I also love the optimism!
    JD - you have a great attitude - I worry a little about you now and then, but you have a great attitude!

    Jim - I have a pair of waders that work like that - they have a big opening on top where the water gets in and then there more holes down in the feet to let the water out!

    My fishing buddy and I always thought we could win any funny video contest out there just by sitting at a boat ramp for a few hours on a holiday weekend with a video camera. Could easily make a whole educational movie out of it! Maybe even a miniseries!

    I'm afraid the best I can confess to at this point is launching a few times with the plug out. Duh. Nothing original or hilarious there.
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    Few years ago we decided to try and launch the boat right off the creek bank. It was a little on the cool side that morning. Water was down a little and the bank was kind of steep so we were just gonna let the winch out a little at a time and slowly ease the boat into the water. Winch cable broke and the boat slid down the hill and submarined in the creek. Completely disappeared. Just the tackleboxes floating on the water, and they were headed downstream. We all dove in to save it. Finally got it back up and got the water emptied out. took the plugs out of the motor and shot the water out. Little bit of ether and she fired right off, and we went fishing. :smile2:
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    I put my boat in quite a bit by myself. Some day I will figure out the difference between the hood release and the parking brake release. Someone is always looking when I do it too! One of these times I am just going to get out and check the oil like I meant to do it.
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    JD it sounds like you got the Bear by the tail.:big_smile:
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    when lake mead was up, my dad and i used to come in from fishing, and drive out on point overlooking ramp. saw so many funny things. once saw guy launch ski boat. his girlfriend or what ever in binkini waded out a little to hold the boat. by the time he parked and walked down, she was up to neck. made him swim out to boat and tow her out of launch area. (sure glad we had binnaculars) she'd lost both top and bottems.
    another time some guy had his wife back boat down while he guided her. he yelled at some guy there, she panicked and hit brakes. they had to bring the crane down to lift boat off the ramp and back onto trailor.
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    This is the funnist thing I have read in a while.I still have tears in my eyes.:smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    You guys make me laugh :smile2::smile2::smile2: especially JD, which my the way JD Iam from CB also. :wink:
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    I don't have a boat and it's stories like these that keep me from wanting to get one? :big_smile:

    Thanks for the laughs!

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    I bought a brand new boat back in December. The day I picked it up, my wife and I went down to south La to visit relatives. I brought the boat with me so I could break in the new motor while on vacation. My 17 year old nephew came along. After a few hours on the lake we headed back to the launch. I backed the trailer down onto the ramp, set the e-brake and got back into the boat. The plan was to load the boat and have the my nephew pull straight back up the ramp. When I tried to get on the trailer it was a little high, so I told my nephew to back down a foot or two. He gets in, puts it in reverse and nothing happens. So he gets out to ask me what to do next. I tell him to release the e-brake. Notice how I didn't say he took it out of gear? Well he leans back into the truck, while standing on the ramp and releases the e-brake and here comes truck, trailer and all down the ramp at me. Luckily it hit my new boat before going in to deep and he was able to jump in and get it stopped. We never did tell my wife or his moma about that one!!:big_smile:
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    I purchased my first boat a year and a half ago. It's a beautiful Tracker Targa 175 deep V. I get a kick out of watching all the "good ol' boys" in their big trucks watching me put my boat in and out of the water in a Chysler Town and Country mini van. Open the back hatch and I can see everything behind me. I can even see the hitch ball for that perfect lineup with trailer. I can also see the wheels of the trailer lifting off the ramp and the trailer floating with the boat because I forgot to unstrap the boat from the trailer. Only floated 5 ft down stream but put the ol' town and country in drive pulled her up, undid the straps, put the drain plug in (i forgot that too) and the world was right again.
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    Welcome to the BOC! You appear to have fallen right into the fun of things... so don't be bashful!

    Everyone has (or has witnessed a family member) done a dummy at the ramp one time or another. It's a rite of passage.:big_smile_2:
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    Thanks Albert BOC is addictive. Not only am I having fun reading the threads but I am also learning. Go figure. :big_smile:
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    Once in Febuary my nephew and I launched just after iceout on Stone lake. Well there was a prop washout hole at the end of the concrete ramp. My trailer tires fell in that hole. Neither my nephew or myself wanted to get wet with a jack, lifting that trailer, so I put the truck in 4 wheel low and jamed the gas. I instantly tweeked the trailer and bent one of it's trailer rims and it was instantly flat. No Spare Bent trailer Lousy day. lol lol

    Now just a dumb memory, trailer still bent, had to move and reweld one side of the axle spring mounts to get it to pull straight. Boy those 1 ton 4x4 Dodges are Strong in 4 wheel low. ..... LOL LOL LOL
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    I went fishing with a friend one day, we launched his boat at the boat ramp that was at his house. We left the truck and trailer parked on the ramp and went fishing. When we returned he started up the trailer only to see the trailer come unhooked from the truck. Since we didn't hook the safety chains we got to watch the trailer disappear into the water.
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    A buddy and i were returning a boat back to it's tralier after a pretty long day of drinking and not catching any fish, when we had the boat back up to the trailor and loaded ready to pull out of the water, and one tire was scotched, his truck still running in neutral both of us in the back of the bed came rolling on down, you know the rest, and the lake was filled with over atleast looked like 400 hundred bud light cans and one tool box floating, somehow we both managed to loose what we thought was a pretty good buzz going on that day