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Loose Tackle

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Everytime the wife puts her tackle box on the coffee table in the living room, I know (from experience) that I have to go over the area after she's done with a flashlight to get up all the loose string, sinkers, hooks, etc. that gets dropped in the carpet.
Well, this morning, I was outside doing some stuff and she comes hobbling to the door saying she needs help . . . . . It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. (to drive my point home).

I've removed a few hooks from flesh in my time. Some from my own self LOL.
I used the "push down and jerk back" method.
At first, I thought about wiggling it around and pushing it through with eye attached just to teach her a lesson - but, gave it a 2nd thought......
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John, I am surprised she let you take a photo of that hook or did you just sneak it.
Jim - for some reason, she didn't balk about the photo . . . after I said it was either me or the emergency room LOL.
It's all good now, no after pain or infection.
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