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Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by endy317, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. endy317

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    ive had this little problem when i put new line on my reels/when i cast the line, it likes to loop over its self or sometime twist up in some spots/ what am i doing wrong?:confused:
  2. Lngbo

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    Marion Ark
    A friend told me the other day that this happens from it coming off the spool. He said when you get out on the water, let out the line with nothing on it, let it all the way out then reel it in, this will take the loops out. I have not been aboe to try it yet as on the nice days I am working and when not working either wind is 30 mph or ice like today. Cabin Fever is fatal.

  3. TeamCatHazzard

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    endy yea I dont think your line is spooling up tight enough and is coming off the spool. Are you using braid? Because if you are I always have to put a mono backing on my spools to prevent that put a layer or two of mono line on your spool and then tie your braid to it (if that is what you are using), or do like previously stated, let it out behind the boat or something, I prefer to put a weight or lure on and retrieve it back and wind the line up nice and tight. Hope this helps.
  4. Itch2Scratch

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    Endy, need to know what type of reel your having a problem with, what type of line your using and how do you go about putting your line on that reel.;)
  5. beeheck

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    When I first read it I thought it must be an open face reel that has been over filled and when you open the bail it pukes the line off the reel and that line will be twisted because it didn't come off the spool necessarily in the same order the line was put on the reel. I know what I mean because I typed this but I'm not sure that I made my point understandable.... I'm married, I should be used to that I guess.
  6. LadyValea1

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    Ok...its my first time spooling my spinning reel!
    I read about spooling at home on different web sites.. I used Trilene 12lb , I'm not sure if I over filled it and I'm sure its on all twisted? because when I open the bail....a lot of the line comes popping out and looping everywhere, like a slinky...I made such a mess all tangled up in my living room... plus, my dog had a fun time getting tangled...it was so frustrating, I'm goin to get it spooled at the store..
    what did I do wrong?
  7. laidbck111

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    I like to leave a 1/8 of an inch of the spool without line on it. It seems to help me with this problem. Just an idea.
  8. Hootowlc3

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    Read the instruction sheet that comes with the line. It will tell you how to spool the line. When you start fishing always flip the bail over with your hand. Some reels come with automatic bail , don't use it. When you use your hand it will keep you from getting loops in your line. Just flip the bail over with your hand and pull back slightly to get tension in your line before reeling.
  9. ka_c4_boom

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    i dont know but it sounds to me like endy has done this , when i spool my reels i put the spool of line in a bucket of water thread it through the eyes then load it on the reel and leave it not quite full about 1/16 of an inch from full .
  10. davy51

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    An easy way to get the twist out of line without a boat
    tie a large swivel on the end of the line tie the swivel to a solid post or stationary object and back up letting the line out slowly as you back up the swivel will allow the line to untwist

    then slowly reel line in as you walk toward the swivel