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Looper's Rig question...

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Most of my catting is done in large ponds/small lakes for eating-size Channels, and I'm thinking of giving dip/stink bait a try now that the water's good & warm.

I've read good things about the Looper's Rig, but I'm unsure which style (hook) to go with.

I'd prefer to stay away from trebles, since I do catch a fair share of Bullheads and soft-shell turtles (both of which I release) that I'd like to avoid injuring any more than I have to.

Any suggestions?

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I bought both the circles and the kahles recently just to try out. Both worked well. When I fish with 2 poles I like to put a kahle on one and a circle on the other. The pole with the Kahle I watch real close but the pole with the circle I don't pay much attention to cause the fish generally hook themselves.
What I do to make my bait float off the bottom is to take a drinking straw like you get when you buy a coke, Cut it in half run it on my line between the hook and the sinker, then plug it with a small cork at each end. I get the corks from the hardware store for 2cents a piece.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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