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looper rigs - Caught some nice fish

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caught these on looper rigs


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loopers rigs hold the bait for about 45 mins all of thoses were caught on the circle hook looper rig


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Well that answers one of my question about getting the
What kind of bait are you using, an is this a private area your fishing.
Pics were good hurt my neck looking at a couple but they were still
Nice cats man!! You gonna have mom cook them up for you or are you putting them back? I take it you like the looper rig's?
yeah looper rigs work great i have been using garlic doughballs in a privite pond
Loop, I got some your rigs today! It's my first time using them. I'm going fishing tomorrow and I'm taking the camera with me .I'm looking forward to showing you the results!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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