Loop Knot

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    Dave that looks to be a real strong, and fairly simple knot to tie thanks.

  3. AwShucks

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    Darn, I have been using that one for years. Didn't even know it had a name, just "tie a loop". LOL
  4. gilmafam

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    Unless I'm mistaken, you guys are talking about a "dropper" loop knot.... the term loop knot is one that I use to tie onto a hook if I dont want the knot to be snug around the eye of the hook... Or if I dont have a swivel, and or do not want a swivel attached to ..... say a small lure like a floating minnow lure or plug, then I use the loop knot to attach it so that there is more action to the lure..... more than if the knot was pulled tight to the hook...... I sometimes use this in the ocean with live bait to get more freedom for the bait to more more naturally.... See the picture that I have attached..... first make a loop...... then feed through the hook, and then back out and through the loop, and then around the main line 4-5 times, and then back through the loop, and then pull tight.... you now have a knot that is up from the hook, and there is a loop at the hook to allow for hook movement, and bait movement without a tight knot at the hook...... what you say.....

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