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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by fwmud, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. fwmud

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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    This morning while in chat, I saw a first for "my side of town".

    As many here know from the old board,The store is in a kinda seedy part of town.So I get a lot of seedy characters going by.
    I was typing in a reply in chat and happened to look up. There was a woman(for sure it was one this time and not a "wanna-be") peddleing her "wares" from a bicycle. This was a first time event for me.HA!
    I'm just glad that she wasn't facing me, that skirt was WAAAAAAY too short.
    And wouldn't ya know it, she had to stop,right in front of the store.And who should walk by but "Otis" the local self employed drunk mechanic from down the street. Yep, he made the offer and she took the deal.
    (Just lucky for me my truck is parked in front now with the tailgate down so I can see the inside of the truck bed.)
    (This is for the ones who remember the inncedent with my truck while it was parked in back)For reference see " Don't bring a knife to a gunfight if you're a hooker"
    Well, thats all for now, Good day! :D
  2. Southernraised84

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    Fayettnam, North Carolina
    Man Kieth you have got to talk to someone about moveing that business...lol Atleast you didnt have to catch them in the truck this go round but who knows there is always tomorrow.... :D

  3. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK
    keith you need to get a percentage of "the business" for having to put up with it :D
  4. Dano

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    I was wondering when you was going to re-open the window. LOL
    No, don't move the business. I like reading what Keith sees from his window.
    Maybe you should put up some vending machines outside the door. Make a buck while checking out the zoo. LOL.
    Guess if you see your tail gate up it means you got visitors. LOL. Get some of that spray foam and cover em in it. That stuff is sticky. LOL. An air horn going off might get things jumping. LOL