looking for ways to build a floor in my 14' v bottom jon

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    hey guys just ripped out my old floor to patch up my rivets but i got thinking that my flooring braces are too heavy. i nees some help on trying to make new floor braces without all the weight. im running a johnson 40 hp and its just not gettin it. There are 3 seperate peices in the flooring to help support the floor but each one weighs about 20-25 lbs. pluss the floor weight. PLEASE HELP . i have a rivited jon so the ribs wopuld be my number one choice

    Thanks for all the tips .......... i hope
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    i re fitted my floor a few years back. i got 2" blue insillation foam, cut it to fit between the ribs. cut 3/8 plywood to fit, soaked it in thompson water seal. then i glued marine carpet to the ply. i drilled 4 holes in each panel(2 panels) and used a large sheet metal screw and fender washer to hold them down. about once a year i take the panels out and scrub them at the car wash. fairly light, and has worked good for me.

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    If you have a sheet metal shop near by get them to bend you some hat channel to go the width across your boat. It is shapped like a top hat.

    It would fit over the ribs on each side and make a level surface. you could rivit it or use small sheel metal screwsto attach to ribs. If bent right it is extremely strong even using aluminum. Have them fit it to slide over your rib and depending on the deepness of your v bottom you might end up with some storage in the bottom.