Looking for tips on Cat fishing the Ohio River.

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    I live in the northern panhandle of West Virginia in Wellsburg. Just North of Wheeling. I have been fishing for catfish for over 40 years. I started bank fishing for Cannel Cats with my dad. Me and my fishing buddy have stumbled on to using Skipjacks for bait and it is on now, we have big cat fever.
    So far the biggest are a 30 and a 45 pound flatheads caught on full skipjacks 5-7" long anchored fishing a power plant discharge. I have many questions.
    1. Like in a big river like the Ohio what do you look for in a good spot for cats?
    2. I came across 2 down riggers has anyone used down riggers to catch catfish? How would you go about it?
    3. Anyone fish this pool on the Ohio?
    I'm sure fishing the Mississippi River would be similar to the Ohio and any tips would be appreciated. I look forward to your comments and thank you in advance! Thanks, Tim
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    Welcome to the BOC, this site is full of good info and great people

    Fishing the big rivers is similar to fishing smaller ones..................only everything is bigger. The holes are traditionally in the same spots and the fish are looking or the same types of structure.

    I think you would be interested in reading about drifting. There are a few good articles in the member library

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    Tim welcome to the BOC. I fish the Ohio and you look for all the classic signs. (Bends in the river, deep holes, where the bait fish are, and water temp.) As for the out riggers I don't have any idea.
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    Walter Flack
    I used to live in Moundsville and fished that section of the Ohio all the time.
    The down-current end of big islands will create faily good size holes for the flatheads to lay in most of the day. Find the steepest transition area from deep to shallow water and fish that ledge early evenings. After dark, try moving closer to the banks and look for old retired or abandoned barges and fish near them. Also down current side of creek mouths are good choices too.

    A few of the hotspots in your area are old lock&dam # 9 (blown up years ago)
    just down river from the New Cumberland lock & Dam. The flatheads are in their thick amongst all the concrete slabs and cover.

    The tail-end of Browns Island above New Cumberland lock&dam is a excellent spot where we have done good. Also farther down river at Bellaire,Oh. are some old barges where we have caught big flatheads around them in about 12 to 15 feet of water.
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    brew! born and raised in wellsburg, ill pm you some of my hotspots. and welcome to the boc brother. see ya on the water.