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Discussion in 'LOCAL ILLINOIS TALK' started by Cat Man Joe, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Whats up guys? Havent been on here much lately. Busy working and started school too so Im streached thin. I still find time to fish on the weekends but Im have NO luck with that lately. Ive fished the Illinois over between Kampsville and Hardin, Illinois on the Greene co. side, over by the ferry landing, the Mississippi, several lakes around me. Ive tried different baits too. Worms, liver, shrimp, sonnys, premo, and cut shad and gills. Anyone else having such a bad time? What can you all tell me? Help me out some. I fish from the bank :sad2: so I know ill have bad times but this has to be as bad as its been in years. Let me know what you think brothers!
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    South Cent
    It has been slow, but finally with the cooler weather coming in it should pick up a bit........ I have given up on the rain, all it seems to do is come rolling strong until it crosses the Mississippi and then petersout in central il.:eek:oooh: