Looking for red river and or Texhoma advice

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    Me and my stepfather plan on hitting the RR and or Texhoma early next season (feb-march time frame) and was wondering where some good spots are for some catfishing. This is our first time fishing that area. He is loosing his eyesight and wants to hit this area one time in his life. I was given some wonderful Kaw advice from a fellow board member and we are going to hit that as well......thanks in advance
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    Edmond, Oklahoma
    We've caught some good ones during the day in February on Texoma. We pulled out of Buncombe Creek and made a right under the bridge. If you have a depth finder get in the river channel. It will go a hundred yards or so and then curve back left. Use live shad and hang on. We set out about a dozen jugs and could sit back and watch them flip for about 30 - 45 minutes.

    If you fish shad you will probably catch a few striper through there, too. They like those flats east of there when it is cold. They will chase the shad like nobody's business!

    Good luck!