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  1. fearless58

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    has any one fisher santee latly.say around the canal? what about the upper lake around 95? that area would be a lot closer for me but i have never fished up there. do you ancore or drift?any kind of help or starting point would be greatly apreceated. thanks
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    Greenville, SC
    Mike...I usually put in at Bells Marina's and fish anchored up in the channel running to the main lake...never went up to the 95 bridge, always headed towards the canal if I went anywhere...Ive caught them anchored anywhere from 3ft. to 15ft. thru there...hope that helps...oh..I dont drift hardly at all, which Im trying to work on :wink::wink: but I would think that it would be a mess considering how much you have to deal with as far as logs and stumps and trees, and etc..:big_smile::big_smile: