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Looking for Fishing Buddy

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I am new on the catfishing scene. I am retired and none of my friends like to fish at night. I live in Lincoln and I am looking for people who like to catfish. I have a boat and am available most of the time.

Please send me a message if you like to get together.

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I would take you up on a couple trips if I lived closer! We have some good guys around lincoln that would probably be more than willing to get together for some fishing! I,m sure over the next couple days you will get some folks who would be willing to go fishing, right now everyone(including me) seems pretty disgusted with the water conditions from all the rain, and welcome to the usca. If you don't get any takers on the offer and you want to head west I would gladly hook up for some fishing.

What kinda cats are you targeting flatheads blues,or channels?

Are you looking for big trophy cats or just eaters?
Geez, Jeff the man wants to go fishing, not go on a date,lol! kidding,kidding,just had too!
even with a picture you still couldn't tell the difference,lol
soooooo, you only fish with sexy people? rotflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now ya hurt my feelings,lol. I thought for sure I would qualify in the top 50 out of the nebraska members, maybe top 10,lol. sexy is all about attitude and state of mind, right up my alley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wingman sorry to turn your post into a badgering each other post, I hope some of those lincoln area guys will get on soon and speak up, mostly we just post in the goin' fishing thread and invite others to show up and fish with us,let all who want show up type thing, it works pretty well as nobody gets butt-hurt if someone says they woill show then doesn't, and that dos happen now and then,things happen and these guys can't help it f they are a little flaky,lol.
skawez I just had to do the same the other day, had my mailbox full and didn't know it till the phone started ringing and the other guys leaving me take out the trash posts, deleted 140 messages, hope I didn't lose anything I needed.......
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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