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Discussion in 'LOCAL WEST VIRGINIA TALK' started by hunterhnc20, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. hunterhnc20

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    Buffalo, West V
    I am looking for some bullhead catfish. They are no long around my house or I can't caught them anymore. Years ago I caught them all the time. I can't even find a place that sells them. So if anyone knows where I can get them please let me know.
  2. waynesburgjay

    waynesburgjay New Member

    try checking out some old farm ponds, might be some there

  3. Bomberman

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    Spring Run, PA
    Also try any new housing developments that have a pond. Most developers put them in to help eat up the garbage that gets in there.
  4. catfishguy

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    West Virginia
    My local shop sells goldfish, carp, leeches, lizards, night crawlers, mill worms, green worms, blue gill, chubs, minnows, shiners, and yes catfish. I don't know whether they are bullhead cats, but they are between 4-6 inches and they call them yellow cats. They are tough little boogers though. I have poked myself a few times trying to bait my hook. Oh, the name of the shop is Justins fishing hunting and marine. He is a good guy. I get my bait from him every week and he even special orders huge goldfish for me every week. His name is Justin Blankenship. Tell him Don Dillon sent you.:wink: Oh, his number is (304) 736-4276. Let me know if you need me to find out anything for you.