Looking for any report from Cannelton or Wolf Creek on the Ohio?

Discussion in 'KENTUCKY RIVERS TALK' started by rivertoon, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. rivertoon

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    I am planning a trip coming up this weekend and don't know if I want to travel all the way to Cannelton or if I want to stay close to home and fish the Wolf Creek area. Any reports would be great and what are they hitting?
  2. on_the_fly

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    kirk you should do good with the blues on cut shad or skipp. I cought a 47 lbs blue last tues and my son got 2 blues 12 and 8 lbs and one flat 6 lbs yesterday. both times went with no bait and was able to pick a few up both times ( skipp and moon eyes) on small curly tails white or orange for a while both days the orange is all they would hit.