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Looking for advice

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Hey guys

I need a little advice about Lake Weiss. I have fished it for crappie but have not tried for Catfish and Striper. When is a better timne to be there for either species? Are the riverine areas better than others? I do know alot of people fish near the marina cleaning stations but that seems a little too up front in a boat. Thanks for any advice!!!!

East Tn.
Not a VOL fan by the way, if that helps. LOL
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My reply might be a little late, but maybe I can help since Weiss is the only lake I fish. I am located in the Godfrees (spelling?) Island area, near where the Coosa comes into the lake. I fish primarily in a stump feild with a few deeper creak channels running through it. I have also had some good luck in the main river channel.

Go out with your depth finder and find you a shallow with a channel or two in it and do some drifting or jugging in that area. I have pulled out 4 20 pound blues and lots from 15 down to 3 or 4 pounds since your original post. As far as trophy size, well I haven't found the big one yet, but when I do I will be sure to share.

Oh and please BE CAREFUL boating on Weiss, there are lots of stobs, fence posts, rebar, and shallow stumps in the lake.
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