Looking for a quality shore fishing spot on the Rock or Pec Rivers

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    I have a boat but need a good shore spot for when I don't have enough time to set the boat up at night. An ideal spot would not have a ripping current and would be accessible. I like shore spots that don't have a very fast current like bends or eddy areas.
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    Rockton, IL
    There are a few ok spots that you can drive up to and walk less then a 100 feet for good shore fishing on the the Rock and the the Pec at Two Rivers Forest Preserve is good. The easy spots on the Rock are Riverside Park in Roscoe on the back side of the park there is a bend with large rocks to hold the bank in place and a creek mouth from which a 44 lbs flathead was caught last year on a small shinner minnow. The Hononegah Forest Preserve In Rockton, in the back has two spots one has a creek flowing into it and the other has a few good lay downs. In the Village of Rockton you have the hwy 75 bridge which is good for channel, one that is a ny easy 3 block walk along the west side of the race where the mill race and the river run back together. Macktown Forest Preserve in Rockton, you drive down to the boat luanch and just to the west of the luanch is a big hole, it is where I cuaght my biggest Flathead (only 15 lbs so far). If you keep walking down the path you find the PEC dumping into the Rock agian a good spot. The last place that is a somewhat short walk is the Rockton Damn you have to park outside the cemetary (sp?) and walk down to the spill way. Outside of Rockton is the Atwood forest Preserve, which is deeper then in Rockton an Roscoe and has many hole that area fishermen pull large flats out of. I hope this helps if you need and more info just let me know.