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    Eastern Nebr
    I'm very budget minded but I was wondering what people here recommend for a new sonar???
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    By the looks of your aviator I would say one with a very big screen.:wink:

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    I was looking for a budget one myself. I just bought a Garmin 160c at $157 from wally world on line. Got same one 2 weeks ago and mounted it and hit the on button then the menu button and it fried and died. Wally world local gave my money back and I orderd another unit. Mounted it tonight and plan to take it out Sat. and see if it works. Then it does, I will perminately mount and seal the transducer and enter into the world of fish finders. I chose the Garmin 160c as that was about the brightest and cheapeast color unit I could find. I will report back on how it works for me.
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    Color is nice but not necessary, spend your money on the most peak to peak watts you can afford, with a min of 480 x 480 pixel count.
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    results from garmin160c
    drove 50mi to ky lake to try it out and get the transducer adjusted on 14/ jon boat. Got there and took it out and !!!!! it would not work!! Crap another dud. Drove back to Paducah and bought another battery and fuses and go back to lake and try again. Success! amazing how a charged battery helps power a unit. Scooted around the lake(if you call scooting with a 6hp 14' boat "scooting". Adjusted the transducer and played with the unit. I LIKE the color as I was able to tell hard rocky bottom from soft bottom well. played with the gain a bit but still dont know much how that works. Tried out the dual range transducer and I think that will be a big help in the shallow lakes(under 8' deep) that I fish. Overall I thiknk i going to be happy with this. This is my very first experience with any type of fish finder...lot to learn.