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Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by cpalombo, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. cpalombo

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    Nashville TN
    I put a similar thread up a few days ago. It must have been deleated, so I am re-posting....

    Looking for someone to fish with. I am new to the area. I know how to "fish", but am learning how to fish the state of Missouri. Catfishing would be fine, but I am also interested in fishing for bass, walleye, etc. I am looking for a person who know how to fish this area, can get out on weekends, and is willing to show me the ropes.

    I have a 14 foot alum boat, and plenty of gear. I want to stay within 1 hour of St Louis, either MO or IL would be fine. If you want to get out, please PM me.

  2. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    I haven't answered you before because I work weekends. Just wanted you to know that I would be happy to have you fish with me. I only catfish, but there are others here who fish for other types of fish.

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    Ithaca, MI

    Under the selection of threads that are highlighted in gray on the "Local Missouri Page" , you will notice a box that says "Display Options".
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    That ought to help you keep track.

    Another option is to save the threads you create in your "favorites", to bypass having to search for them through pages of other threads, although you may want to read all threads if you have the time, and mine them for tips and tidbits.

    Kiss my nieces for me. Tell the wife I love her.

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    CP- Sorry, the 1 hour of St. Louis thing puts you way out of my territory; Other than the Mississippi and some parts of the Missouri, I'm not very familiar with what is within an hour of St. Louis. I'm not even sure Mark Twain is that close to you. There are some guys in that area who will eventually answer up, but this time of year they are on the water more than the 'puter. If you ever make it over toward Truman, now that's a different story. There are dozens of us over here. Give a shout.
  5. MRR

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    yes Mark Twain Lake Would Be In His Time Frame If He Lives In St.charles.be Close But I Do Believe You Could Drive It In Less Than An Hour.
  6. cschottfish

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    Ofallon, Mo.
    Give me a pm know most of the fishing spots around and always looking for someone to fish with when i have time off.cschottfish