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Discussion in 'LOCAL ILLINOIS TALK' started by Bigen, May 19, 2008.

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    Im looking for a cheap but good boat for sale. I am a big guy so 14-16 foot would be ideal. I fish alot on Murphy lake so I think the limit there is 10 horse so if anyone knows where I might find a steal (Kinda like the one shane got lol) please let me know. The boat shane had would have been perfect but for the part where he already sold it. By the way I am a newby and I used some of the pointers you guys gave me this past weekend and just wanted to let you know I apreciate it. Did rather well. I didnt catch alot of fish but I learned alot about the actions of catfish and where to look. Even got lucky enough to get ahold of some shad from the bank.
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    Check Craigslist and your local classifieds. One tip is to buy the boat and motor separately. I've seen 14-16 foor boats practically given away. I've also seen some older 2-9.9 hp motors sold for almost nothing. Briggs and Stratton makes a small 5 hp outboard that is supposed to be pretty nice. You might be able to find a used one for a couple hundred bucks.

    Good Luck!

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    good luck on your boat search. the part of the river you are fishing id say 14 foot would be fine. like aaron said check craig'slist and ebay and your local newspaper. your bound to see something nice pop up in a couple days.