Looking for a catfish pond

Discussion in 'LOCAL NEBRASKA TALK' started by Frankie B, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Frankie B

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    Hey everyone I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good catfish pond or lake around Central Nebraska public or private???
  2. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    First of all welcome to the BOC Frank!! Where in Nebraska are you from? The best catfish lake I know of in Central Nebraska is SHERMAN RES. by Loup City. I know they always pull out some monster cats there every year. I guy I work with has a friend that pulled out a 48# flattie this year. I saw the pics. What a hog!!:big_smile::big_smile:

    Hope this helps!!

  3. Frankie B

    Frankie B Guest

    Thanks for the welcome...Well I was born in Hastings and have lived and fished the tri-cities most of my life...and just started fishing Genoa canal with a lot of success...I've been to Harlen twice this year and skunked both times...I have also heard that sherman is on fire but they also told me I need a boat for some DEEP water action...so my next post is who wants to meet and fish sherman before the good weather is gone??????????
  4. hoghunter40

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    welcome to the boc frankieb maybe see ya out there
  5. Frankie B

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    thanks for the welcome....and still planning a BIG fishing trip I just gotta get enuff ppl to agree on a place....I will post as soon as I know where were going
    P.S If you see a grey mustang and a fat man catfishing you found me!!!