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  1. Old Hippie

    Old Hippie New Member

    South Carolina
    Anyone got a spare seat in a boat and would like someone to ride along fishin'?
    I'm a 57 year old disabled veteran but I have all my fingers & toes and am ambulatory. Need no assistance nor do I have any "special needs".
    I also have my own rod & reals and tackle, just don't have a boat.
    Grew up in lower part of SC and fished the Edisto River for red breast and catfish (Bamberg County). I have fished Santee. Dad was a deer and rabbit hunter (shotgun). He even had a shad bow.
    I'm willin' and able to help pay expenses. Not looking for a guide, can't afford that type of expense. I have a Ford Explorer that can pull a fishin' rig.
    Not lookin' to "buy a friend", I have all those I need. This is an honest, straight forward request. No hidden agenda.
    I live in Spartanburg. Willin' to go anywhere in SC, including Santee, day or night.
    oldhippie1951@gmail.com or 864-582-2128
  2. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    Well Bob it's to bad I don't live closer. You and I are in the same boat, or lack there of! lol We have many good brothers here and your request will soon be met I'm sure. That's just the way we roll around here :wink:

  3. Jollymon

    Jollymon Well-Known Member

    Wilm .N.C
    ROBERT WELCOME TO THE B.O.C. if you get up to the Wilmington N.C.. area u have a seat in my boat ,or if u want to come to the N.C. GATHERING IN OCT at badin. U R welcome to go fishing with us then ,u notice i said fishing not catching:wink::smile2::smile2:
  4. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    "Old Hippie"....hehe,,,Love the name ya picked ; )

    First off welcome to the BoC, glad ya found us. Around here ya aint gotta buy no friends, they are free. I'm greedy so I took a bunch of them cause free is good ; )

    Just give it time, stick around, and I can pretty much guarantee someone will help ya out. I don't have a boat either but these guys have hearts of gold and have always helped me out. There are also gatherings from time to time that would be a excellent time to meet folks too. I'll send ya some BoC mojo to help ya out.....Good luck ; )

  5. stoney53

    stoney53 Well-Known Member

    welcome to the BOC robert i'm not in your area but if i was you would be more than welcome to fish with me i'm sure someone will come thru for you in your area seems like alot of members down your way
  6. Old Hippie

    Old Hippie New Member

    South Carolina
    You know, it's been less than 24 hours and as you can see, I have already had several "here is the shirt off my back" type welcomes. I think I've come to the conclusion that a little mercury poisoning might not be all that bad. Most catfish, like lawyers, are "bottom feeders". And surely, they are bound to consume some of the mercury from the dumping and water runoff into our rivers and lakes. In turn, I would think that those folk that hang out in an internet discussion area about catfish'n have to, themselves, consume more catfish than the average human and get mercury poisoning themselves.

    Another thing I noticed. When describing myself so you nice folk could get an idea of my upbringing, I mentioned the fact about my dad had a shad bow. I got to thinkin' that there just might be some that read this and wonder what the heck a shad bow was. So, I did me one of the newfangled things we have had to learn over the last few years called a Google search for the term "shad bow". Google found about 40,000 sites and I started going down the list. When I got to about 1,000 and all the sites were about a rapper (person who performs rap music) by the name Shad BOW WOW, I knew then life is not what it seems here on the planet Earth.

    For those that don't know what a shad bow is, it looks similar to the religious symbol of a fish, much like a dip net except about 10 feet in diameter. When the shad spawn and run up stream, they get caught in the netting. I don't recall my mama ever frying shad (frying was the only way we ate fish) except the shad row. Occasionally dad would use the shad as cut bait but we mostly fished with Catawba worms. We had three big Catawba worm trees in our yard. Dad would put them in cups and freeze them and use them as bait during the fishin' season. He would even use a kitchen match or small stick and push the Catawba worms inside out. What a mess! But them red breast would jump in the boat.

    That reminds me. I don't ever hear tell of anyone finshin' for or catchin' "red breast". That was the prize in the Edisto River.
  7. buckethead

    buckethead New Member

    ""Right on Dude"""

    Hey, Robert, welcome to the B.O.C.,

    Like all of these guys told you , just give it a little time and it will work out,

    I have fished Santee Cooper, man what a catfish factory !!!!! I fished out of Black's Camp, over by Cross, S.C., hey Hippy, have you seen the Aligators there ?????? LMAO !!!!!!!

    If I decide to make another trip down, I will give you a call, will be later on in the year .

  8. fishstick

    fishstick New Member

    Fouke, Arkansas
    there are alot of guys on here, myself included, that have boats and no fishing partner. i'm sure there's someone in your area that would love to have someone to share fishing time with. welcome to the BOC
  9. Deepwater1

    Deepwater1 New Member

    Toccoa, GA
    Old Hippie,

    Welcome aboard Catfish1. I just emailed you.

    Curt :big_smile:
  10. roundhill

    roundhill New Member

    kings mtn
    anytime your down santee way give me a call we have days that we ant booked we fish alone glad to help out just call for the day ahead of time
  11. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    WoW Robert, you just scored big time!!!:big_smile: Ya gotta love your SC BOC brothers- they're the best of the best!
  12. RiverratSC

    RiverratSC Active Member

    Gaffney, SC
    Welcome to the BOC. I'm in Gaffney and work in Spartanburg County. Once is cools and I can start fishing again I might just call on ya.