Longest fight?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Churningthemaelstrom, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Churningthemaelstrom

    Churningthemaelstrom New Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    What was your longest fight with a fish?

    What was it?

    how much did it weigh?


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    Just curious.
  2. explayer

    explayer New Member

    Tucson AZ
    the longest fight that i caught was i five pound 7 oz blue cat that took me 35 min to reel in because I had only 8 pound test on it i was fishing for trout it was at lymen lake in az

  3. nuthinlikeacat

    nuthinlikeacat New Member

    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    the longest time for a fish I landed was 30 minutes. It was a 30 lb flattie caught on the MN river using an 8" chub. I did however fight one for close to an hour before he tried to rearrange the gears in my reel :)

    ASASIN New Member

    Lawson Missouri
    Two different instances. 18 lb. 1 oz. channel cat caught on a 4'6 ultralight using 2 lb test and a 1/32 oz. chartreuse crappie critter spinner. Took 25 minutes to get him in. The other took 25 minutes as well. 32 lb. spoonbill that I caught on a 5'6 ultralight with 2 lb. test fishing with minnows. The most a fish ever wore me out was on a 4'6 ultralight with 2 lb. test fishing for catfish that were all around 1/2 lb. and hooked into a spoonbill that I hooked in his tail. 20 minute fight that flat out wore me down. He weighed 21 lbs. God bless.
  5. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    Never bothered looking at my watch wait i don't wear a watch. 40 pound blue cat missouri river.. I'll say some where around 15 - 30min.? Time goes so slow when your fighting a fish so it's hard to tell.
  6. Southernraised84

    Southernraised84 New Member

    Fayettnam, North Carolina
    Mine was about 30 to 45 mins.It was a 38 pound blue caught useing eels on a 9 ft eagle claw on the cape fear river here in nc.
  7. Bacardipr05

    Bacardipr05 New Member

    So many fish so hard to tell. Time is so diffucult to tell when your in the heat of a battle. But about 8 yrs ago i hooked into some type of a sting ray not sure of the exact species name that was about a 25 minute struggle thought i had a shark or something. Most recently was about 2 months ago on a huge carp that snapped the line just as i lifting it from the water just needed another foot to bring him in. I had a nice 8-10 min struggle on a fat bellied channel that was quite fun. (thought it was possibly that carp that got away :crying:
  8. Tarpon

    Tarpon New Member

    4 Years ago i caught a 125 pound Tarpon in the Pamlico Sound. I had 65 lb line and it took 1 1/2 hours. We were chasing the fish the whole time. Biggest fish of my life.
  9. tank3544

    tank3544 New Member

    Fredericksburg, VA
    this one is a tie for me .. one got away and one didn't

    the one i caught is the one in my avatar .. i reeled him in literally seconds after i boated a 35lber so my arms were already tired from that 15 minute fight .. i caught it on my smallest rod and was trying to take it easy and not have my arms give out .. once i finally got it to the boat it dove back down 4 times before it was in the net .. half hour fight for him

    the one that got away was on, get this, a whole cutter shad with just the tail cut off .. i literally had to fight to get the rod out of the rod holder .. it was peeling off line when it was still in the holder .. i fought this thing for about a half hour and i'm not sure it was any closer to the boat than when i started .. i'd pump him in a little and it'd run the line back off .. it ended up getting off .. nothing was broken or bent so i guess the hook just fell out

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    this spring i was fishing the hot water discharge at clinton lake il central illinois. i was using fresh cut shad. gutpocket.

    we had landed a few fish in thje 4-5 # range already and were getting a KICK OUT OF THESE MEATHEADS NEXT TO US TRYING TO LIGHT SOME KIND OF MOSQUITO THING ON THE BOAT. it shot 3 foot flames up and the guy tried to blow it out and threw it in the water. he pulled it out again ad relight it. same thing and one of them had his new pole drug off into the water. lmao.

    anyhow i was watching my pole and my glowstick just slammed down in the rodholder. i swept it back to sink in the circle. the current was coming right at the boat and the fish ran up stream into the ditch peeling drag off of my ambassadeur.

    after a few minutes of this he charged at the boat with the current. we were tied to the no access cable that has bouys every few feet down it ann it cuts line something feirce. the fish ran right under it and the boat into the main lake. i was holding the rod tip under water as to keep it off the bouy cable. then it was clear. this fish was pretty good size and there was no bringing him back under against current.

    i made a choice. i knew he was hooked pretty solid so i hit the release and took the rod and reel under the water with both hands and under the cable. this allowed me to fight him on the back side of the boat where he had charged. after 10-15 min i got him in. he was 13# and a couple oz's. got a big fish award for it as well. the pic of the fish and the story are on the fish gallery.
  11. Fatkat

    Fatkat New Member

    Blanchester, Ohio
    My longest fight was a 25# flatty at Rockyfork Lake in southern Ohio, it wasn't all that big but I was bait fishing with a Zebco 33 with 8# line, it took me about 45 minutes to land. :)
  12. BassMassey

    BassMassey Well-Known Member

    my biggest fish.........caught in the muskingum river in ohio about 30 miles south of zanesville........caught on my quantem big cat and garcia 6500 with 20 lb mono...........bait was a big ol gold fish.............now im not sure how long it took since time flies when im reeling in sometin nice, and i knew this was a monster...it probally took about 10 minutes until i even got him close to the bank.. the first time he got close he got spooked and ran crazy out further then where he started, maybe another 15 minutes got him close again, bam! my drag screams as he runs again.......third time i get him up close to the sandbar we are fishing from and he's too tired to do anything..i drag him up a lil and im just astonished...his huge head sits out of the water and me and my buddy cant beleive it....we didnt have a scale and we just called it a 40 pounder but i still think thats an underestimate, after seeing all the pics in here i would probally say it was in the 50-60 range.....its mouth was just huge, it looks like to eat all he had to do was open his mouth and swim up river catching fish........i bought my big gear last summer and this summer was really the beginning of my hunt for big cats..
  13. elshale

    elshale New Member

    Snellville, Georgia
    15 minutes on 10 lbs it was a 20 lb channel thank god I was only cast out 15 yards.Every time go thim in he would roll pivot and shoot back out 10 yards.