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    im looking to upgrade my 6500c3 i have 2 and 6600bcx. i have 5. i would like to up grade it in the manner to be able to cast farther and yet still have a smooth cast. and have a better drag system. and some power handles for both reels. i am also wondering if you can add bearings to the reels also. i know nothing about upgrades to these reels. any help on what to get and where a decent place that has a fair price to install these upgrades for me would be great!
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    I've never used an Abu. At least not yet. Based upon what I've read , you can remove the washers and put a bearing in its place. When I get one , I'll use it for a while prior to deciding if upgrades are needed. You will get some additional responses from those who have more experience than I. Good Luck!!

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    Go to mikesreelrepair.com. They have several upgrades for them. Ceramic bearing upgrades, idler gear bearing upgrade, ceramic pawls, and levelwind bearing upgrades will let them cast further. They also have drag washer upgrades. I've made the drag washer upgrades and the ceramic bearing upgrades on mine. I'm thinking of doing the idler gear upgrades, and maybe the levelwind upgrades with ceramic pawls, but the levelwind upgrade is pretty expensive because it requires a new worm gear too.
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    We have a BOC brother, Snagged 2 that has been doing some custom work and upgrades for members send him a PM.