Long Lake 9/1/08-One Cat

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    Hit Long Lake with some shrimp to start.....ended up catching a big gill and perch. Both swallowed the hook and were bleeding when they got to the side of the boat. So, now I had cut bait.

    Time was short, so I cut the perch and used the head immediately. I have boated channels in the area before, but when I put on the perch head, I said "you're not going to catch anything that big" I haven't really caught anything over 6lbs or so in there.

    Well, the perch head gets a good run, let it go for a while and then set the hook and WHIFF. There were some words, thinking a little bullhead or channel who couldn't quite swallow the thing.

    Well, 30 mins later the baitfish were getting kind of spooky near some rocks so I tossed the perch head over there. No more hits on the shrimp, no more gills tapping the bait, no perch...nothing. All was silent except for the constant flutter of baitfish near the shoreline. I was busy swatting the swarms of mosquitoes when I noticed the line go tight and then start peeling off the bail. The fish took the bait and immediately headed away from the rocks to deeper water. Pulled the rod out of the rod holder and waited till he switched to swimming downstream instead of sideways. Closed the bail and wham, stuck him good! Solid fish on the end of the line. First run is deep, no problem handling that one. Second run is towards the rocks/weeds...now I'm in the cabbage, please don't fray. Run #3 out of the cabbage now straight behind me, run #4 back downstream right into the other line. Clear other line, scream silent obscenities, "you're not going to get the best of me"...Fish surfaces for the first time, nice channel 10-12lbs, but as usual wrapped itself up in the line. Let the fish roll slowly out of the line (I want to release it alive!) and the darn thing makes a bee line for the anchor rope in the back of the yak. (damn near impossible once it gets tangled back there)...struggle for a second, but it was enough slack to let the fish work itself free. All that was left was a perch head pushed way way up the line and me catching my own anchor!!!!!!

    A worthy opponent! Won't be going back with the flimsy sticks next time...Now that I know they're in there, it's game on!
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    Hey Jim,
    Me and a couple of friends were on North Reservoir last night. Fishing wasn't that great. We caught 4 on our boat with bigget being almost 7 1/2#. The other couple caught 6, but nothing over 2#. It was my first trip there. Heard there were some nice ones in Portage Lakes so I'll have to try again.