Long distance Jugging

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    Do you remember as a kid letting balloons go with your name, address and phone # and seeing how far they would go? Sometimes they would go across town and sometimes to another state. This story is kind of similar. Many of you know that I love to jug fish and my favorite place to jug is L @ D 18, which is the last lock on the Arkansas Navigation Channel. There are a total of 440 miles and 18 Lock and Dam’s, between the Port of Catossa outside of Tulsa, OK to where the Arkansas dumps into the Mississippi River. There are times when the current is running real fast and if we wait till morning we end up chasing them all the way down to the lock. Sometimes we will go ahead and take our boats through the Lock to find our jugs on next section of the lock. We still end up losing a jug now and then to thieves, barges and big fish that take them to far places. Barges are probably the main culprits of our lost jugs. They will get stuck under or between barges as tow boats run up and down the navigation channel. I believe this is what happed to one of my jugs I really don’t know. My buddies and I put all of our names of all of our jugs. This way we are legal if were fishing with 60 plus jugs in the water. My friend in OKC got a call the other day from Lake Providence, Louisiana!!!! It seems one of our jugs took a nice long journey well over 500 hundred miles. A couple that was hunting down in Louisiana found one of our jugs just south of Lake Providence on the Mississippi river. When I heard this it made my day and put a smile on my face. I thought it would make a great story if I could call them back and get a few more detail and a picture of them holding our jug but the number on my friends caller id was lost. :sad: Anyway if your fishing the Arkansas or Mississippi rivers and see a lost jug, it may have come from Oklahoma.
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    Was the bait gone? LOL Thats a cool story.