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    Well I got my wife to agree to getting a matching Flathead Catfish tattoo with me. There is a little problem though, we want realistic looking ones and all we can find are cartoony looking ones and no real sketches or pictures for the artist to use. We want a lifelike movement in it and not just it hanging there like someone is holding it by the jaw.

    This is the best that we have found so far but we need a little bit more out of it, the pose of it is great though. Anything similar to that would be great but we want more life in it.

    Please help me find a GREAT pic of a flathead for me and my wife to stick on our bodies LOL.

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    A good tattooist should be able to do one from a photo . I was a tattooist for 14 years and got to where I hated doing them . I have done and seen many photo tats of things like children , spouses , family , and pets . Check around and give them a photo of what you want .
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    The One Les, give a link too; is pretty good , but the upper whiskers are way too fat/long, out of configuration with its head, and to close to the eyes. The artist should have seen that and modified it somewhat to make it more realistic. Just MHO:cool2: