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Loglines in stickups

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Brothers: Does anyone have any experience in setting loglines or throwlines in stickups? My lake is loaded with stickup hollars but I always line the main lake and not the stickups. Maybe for fear of getting hung up or too hard to navigate. I've only gotten two 30 pounders on the main lake but do you think the big ones are back in the stickups, shallow, in maybe 10' of water or less? Very interested in talking to others that actually do set their lines in there.

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Give the stickups a try, take it easy, I look at op's like I look at deer, they will hide in the thickest place they can get in, you will get hung, and you will get stuck, but that why the big boy's are there.
David: Thanks for the reply. I agree with your comparison about deer. They do like thick cover. I'm going fishing in the morning and plan on hittin the stickups tomorrow night, Lord willing.

most of the time i don't catch a lot of fish in thick cover, but thry do run on the bigger size, good luck
I've been running limblines hard for the last week, I am fishing them the same way I do in june, and doing well in heavy cover. I hang my lines in anything close to 8 feet in depth, preferibly where there is a drop off to 12 feet close by. Don't be afraid to hang those lines in 6 foot of water at night. I got a 40 pounder thursday morning that was in 6 foot of water, with 10 foot depths not 5 yards away. Just make sure your limbline weight is heavy enough to let the live bait work, without getting you tangled all to hell.
So we are on the same page, my lines have are 3 1/2 to 4 foot long. i have a 1 1/2 lead up top, then 12 inches if bike innertube, then about 8 inches of lead, then an 8 ounce weight, then a swivel, then a lead about a foot long with a hook.
Mocathunter: I did go fishin in the stickups like I said in my last post. Only got 5 cats, a little over 18 lbs total. Good looking spots in there but no big ones. Maybe the wrong place or the wrong time. That's one good lookin cat on your profile picture. Noticed two things about your kind of fishin: Muddy water and logs in the background. That seems to be a common occurance in a lot of pictures I've noticed. Planning on going again either last weekend in September or first weekend in October. Have no idea what I'm doing wrong or what else to try. Would post a picture of my biggest one on my profile but don't know how. Do you think October is the best time in the fall to get a big one?
The Bigguns will be found in the tightest cover lookin' to ambush something. I love a good Catfight.

I think that in the fall here in Missouri that september and october are good fishing, with mid to late sept. being the best for fat cats. Catfight is right about thick cover, the thicker the better, as long as you have the right depth. How big of bait are you using?? I also noticed that your fishing a lake. When I run limblines on a lake, one of my favorite set-ups, are slight leaners. What I mean by that is the trunk of an old tree that is big around as a person, that only sticks out of the water a foot to 3 foot. And has just a slight lean to it, maybe 10-25 degrees. Mainly just enough lean to where the the bait fish can't work himself back up against the tree, and hide out. I catch as many big fish on lines tied up to these type trees, as I do in thick snags. You still need the correct depth on these as well. I could be wrong, but I believe some of these bigger, branchless leaning trees house bigger fish in there root systems underwater. By droppin' a big baitfish 4' down in 8' foot of water, you just about put it in there mouth. Give it a try next time your out, the fish I just posted from thursday under missouri river talk "flatheads are firing back up" was taken off a tree just like I explained. Just it was on a river and not a lake. I have done it in the lakes also.
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That's one good lookin fish! You say you caught him in less than 10' of water, how deep is that section of river or lake out away from where you set your line?
So thats what those darned things are called, I always thought they were the nursery in a catfish factory. Sara and I fish for the smaller eatin size so we love the stickups. heres a picture of Saras favorite spot, its probably 3 to 4 acres in 3 to 8 feet of water.
Carl in Kansas

No Pictures? :wub:

That one was in 6-7 feet of water, with a 12 feet of water no more than 6-7 feet away. I almost always hang in 8 feet or less with limblines, but I always have 10-25 feet of water close by; within 10 feet. I have caught them in 10 foot plus, but I always target 8 foot of water. Then if the structure is awesome, and it is a little deeper, than I will hang it. Try to target 8 feet of water and see how it works for you, I had an old limbliner tell me that, and I have had alot better success on the bigger fish.
Mocat: What size hook do you use? Do you like dark nights (new moon) or do you think a full moon is better? Do you do better when it's storming and pouring the rain?
I use 8/0 and 9/0 hooks, I don't fish on stormy nights much, and the moon only matters to me as far as the active feeding times. My preference is for more moonlight. I like to fish the river when it is stable or rising. I also prefer to fish the lakes after a rain.
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