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  1. usmc0208

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    North Carolina
    I was wandering how the catfishing was by any of the locks and dams on the cape fear river. I know its usually good back in PA. I'm trying to learn the good spots for shore fishing down here in NC. I appreciatethe help.
  2. ka_c4_boom

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    the fish here in kentucky is usually good nearer to the dams due to bait fish gather there , theres more oxygen in the water and the bigger fish will feed on all the bait in those areas . im not aquainted with nc but id say it would be a good spot to try . good luck

  3. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    I have been to lock 2 on the cape fear and thought it would be a great spot because of the deep fast moving water, but everytime I would go there I learned that the river there was just shocked and the fishing was terrible. My biggest fish there was 21lbs or so. I know Joe always seems to catch big fish there but he also lives 3/4 mile from the dam and can go there a lot more than me. I'm sure there are times when you can catch fish one after the other all night, but they haven't been when I went. I heard that the ramp there is closed so it is better fishing. Good luck if you go.
  4. joe0580

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    jason ramp is open but hunting season is in so those shocking boys are in the woods. yes the cats are biteing some and if need help just im me i be more than happy to help you ok.