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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catseeman, May 7, 2006.

  1. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Ok Brothers lets here about the time(S) you have locked the key in your vehicle. I used to lock mine in a mercury with auto locks a lot of times. I have lost my keys in the lake. I now use magnetic key holders on all my vehicles. lets here ya...
  2. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    One time last winter I was letting my car warm up in the driveway and I drive an older car so I've gotten into the habit of locking my door everytime i get out so I opened the door to get out. Right when I opened it, my hand came down involuntarily and locked the door and before I realized what I'm doing I shut the door, keys inside and car running. Luckily I was still at home and I was able to rustle up the extra set of keys. So mine isn't that bad haha.

  3. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Leonard, believe it or not the only time that I have ever locked my keys in my car I was fishing. I was supposed to meet my buddy at the local lake and I was getting my poles out of the trunk as well as other euipment. I still had my keys in one hand and needed that hand free, so of course I laid my keys down on the tool box in the trunk and naturally I shut the trunk. lol It was an old beater car so when my buddy got there I took his tire tool and popped the lock of the trunk and opened the tumbler with my pocket knife. Vern
  4. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    I locked my keys in my truck one day at work. The guard called the local police, they tried, then a Sherif's Deputy and he tried, then a State Policeman and he tried. They left and I thought guess I'll bust the side window, as I was looking around I saw a certain tool laying in the bed of my truck, don't want to say what tool it was, I had it unlocked in less than 2 minutes and didn't break anything in doing it. So far I have never found a car that I haven't been able to get into, only get into ones others leave their keys in now, I carry a set of keys on both sides on my belt. hmmmm, got a spare key to the door in my billfold also.
  5. BigCatSteve

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    Huber Heights,Ohio
    i personally have never locked my keys in the car but my wife has about 10 times,when she gets out she always leaves the key in the ignition and get out,well she will be outside with the kids and they will be in the car playing,lock the door and then close it with the keys inside.has happened that way every time,you would think she would learn but guess not
  6. JamesRiverFlats

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    Nothing like going on an all day float trip and realizing that the keys to the vehicle at the end of the float are in the vehicle at the start of the float. A couple of hours later and a few miles of walking I got back to the vehicle and made it home, but it was a heck of a trip.

  7. Chris

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    Spring Hill, Kansas
    Last time that I locked my keys in my truck is when I was at the Court House paying my taxes on the the truck. Needless to say it wasnt hard finding a cop around there. We tried the slim jim but it never worked so I got a ride to my wifes work to get my other set of keys.

  8. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    I have locked my keys in my car once in recent memory. Went to Wal-mart and had duplicate door keys made for each vehicle, and I carry those in my wallet. I may leave my keys in the car, but not my wallet. lol