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Discussion in 'Walleye Fishing' started by STC T&F, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Union, MO
    I have been trying to gather info on fishing below major lock & dam sites, mostly on the mississippi in MO and IL. anyone tried this? the books I ahve been reading have not been very complete on the subject. I am looking for some first hand knowledge.

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    I fish lock and dam #2 in pittsburgh and i fish from a wall perpendicular to the dam. I just throw out slip rigs or 1oz jigs with shad or suckers right into the boil and let roll along the bottom. Or post up on shore and fish the shallow flats with suspended rapalas. I have been crushing sauger right now with some walleyes. It seems the mass nuber of sauger have devastated the walleye population thought. the only walleye you do catch are either fingerlings or monsters. I saw a 30" 9.5# walleye caught today and a 14# walleye early this summer. It seems the only walleye left are the older hogs.