Lock/Dam 24 Fishing Report - May 12

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    I put this same report on the Mo Rivers site, but thought I would also share it with ya'll in IL. Enjoy....

    BAIT PHASE - I started out at noon and stopped along the way to see if I could catch some blue gills in the ditches on the way. That was a miserable and muddy failure. Always a nice thing to cover your shoes in dirt before you step into your clean boat. More on that in a bit… Anyhow, I launched the boat at 1:00 and headed below the Lock to find skipjack and/or shad. I have never tried to catch these before, but I read a lot on the BOC about it and felt ready to try.

    I learned two things about bait fishing yesterday: 1) Shad CAN be caught by persons with deficient hand/net/eye coordination, and 2) Chris Palombo CAN'T throw a net to save his life. So, I out in 1 hour, but did OK. I now have a big bag of hard won shad in the freezer, and a deep sense of insecurity at knowing that my arms flail helplessly when handling a cast net. If I were born an Amazon pigmy, I would surely have starved to death.

    EXPERIMENTAL PHASE – (Warning, I know what I am about to say will turn off a few people, but I assure you that I release my fish, really.) Anyhow, I wanted to try out using a trot line. These were illegal in Michigan, so I though... "Heck, it looks like it is a safe and guaranteed way to have fun." I was incorrect. I now see that my two hour stint with trot lining is the singe most risky event I have voluntarily participated in. 50 feet of strong line, chemically sharpened hooks, wild current, and one lone fool in a boat equals two hours of indiscriminate danger. Oh, I failed to mention that 1 hour of this madness was in the dark. Long and short is that I have three nice trot lines that I will never use again. Perhaps I will put a 150 foot shower in my basement and use them as the curtain holder.

    FISHING PHASE - This was the first time I went cat fishing that I actually felt like I knew what I was doing before hand (that has taken 2 years of BOC reading and some pretty slow days on the river for that to happen). I found some great spots, knew how to fish them, and did OK. I caught a 7 lb flathead (my PERSONAL BEST!), missed two very large fish, got a big drum, and caught several smaller cats (I think these are called "fiddlers"???). Further, everyone that I talked to in that area said that they were doing well. Heck, a guy on the shore below a bridge had caught two 12 lb cats and several smaller ones! One other interesting note, I saw only about 12 other boats that were cat fisherman. The river was basically empty.

    CLEANUP PHASE - I am a firm believer in clean gear. This is a problem at times as cat fishing is so very dirty. Mud, bio waste, etc. So, I left my on-board lights on as I gave the boat a repeated "bucketing" of river water to clean up my failed bluegill fishing mud. Having run for hours, the light bulb had become white hot.... At some point in the effort, I leaned over the bow and put my hand over my front light to brace my lean. So hot in fact that I heard a sizzle when I laid my hapless ring finger across it. I now have a huge blister and memento for my fishing.

    DRUNK LUNITIC PHASE - One other note.. 1 hour before I landed for the night, cops had to whoop some drunken fool at the landing for driving his boat AND 6 CHILDREN around the river on a tube. The tube line snagged the engine and blew the tube throwing the kid. After the fool cleared up the mess, he ran the boat, at 25 miles per hour, up onto land. It flew through the air near a small group of cat fisherman. The boat, the drunk, and the 6 kids inside cleared the bank and landed in the grass, boat engine still running. No one was killed, thank God. After the cops handcuffed him and put him in the squad car, the moron open the door with some crafty drunken ninja move, got out, and charged a state trooper. He intended to use the point of his hairline as a battering ram. That is not a great "weapon" to use against a cop, particularly when you are seeing double. More on that as I hear it.


    Catfish - 2 Points
    Shad - 0 Points
    Bluegill - 24 Points
    Shoes - Muddy
    Drum - 0
    Chris - 12 Points, plus "trott line hazard pay" of an additional 3 Points.

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    Thanks for the post.. It just goes to show that when you think you are having a bad day, someone else comes along to make it more interesting. hehehe..

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    :lol::lol:That has got to be one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time!!!!:lol::lol:
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    I thought my days on the river were interesting but I need to be fishing with you!!!
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    Very good post,Chris!Next time I have a bad day(not),I'll keep you in mind.Good Fishin'!
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    too funny chris... ROTFL